We are not a 1% club and we claim no territory. However, we take our club and our membership seriously.

Buffalo Soldiers Tampa Bay (Florida) - Our Mission The mission of the Florida Mother Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club (BSMC-FL Mother) is to build an organization in Florida that benefits the membership, the community and the nation, as we share our common love to ride .We are committed to projecting a positive image of ourselves as bikers by always showing respect for each other and the community-at-large. We will accomplish that by fostering unity and pride among our brother and sister members .The goals of this club are simple. We strive to represent and uphold the honor of the Buffalo Soldiers by sharing their legacy and history within the communities we live and work. We will raise funds to support those less fortunate and to encourage education and a productive future for youth. Together we are stronger than we are alone. Our club can and will survive through unity.

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